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Brandon, Queen's Square | June 1, 2019

Summer is the perfect opportunity to explore your children’s interests with them. Whether they’re into playing soccer, bike riding, board games, video games, or arts and crafts, summer is a time when reading can leap off the page and become relevant to their hobbies and passions. There are always opportunities to incorporate an element of literacy into other activities, and this is important for keeping scholastic skills sharp ahead of September.

If your child is exceptionally sporty, try suggesting stories about their favourite athletic heroes. There are also books about the history of different sports, stories of past athletes who shaped their games, and even resources for kids on how to train and improve their game.

STEM in baseballDK Eyewitness books - BaseballA big day for baseball

If you have a junior artist in the house, consider some books about famous artists, most of whom lived fascinating lives in cultural and historical settings well worth reading about. Or perhaps a book to help them learn how to draw in a different style. Or maybe get some picture books with images of their favourite subject matter that they could trace using onion paper.

Radiant childManga: Learn to draw step by stepBackyard birds

If your child is more technologically inclined, have they ever considered making their own video game? There are plenty of resources to support these interests, as well as a range of simple, free programming languages to help kids expand their creativity into digital domains.

Video games: design and code your own adventureThe unofficial Pokemon Go field guide

There are endless avenues to literacy and Summer is the perfect time to encourage reading for pleasure.

Don’t forget to look at our summer drop-in programming and other hands-on Idea Exchange resources like makerspaces available at the Old Post Office and other locations.