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Beth, Preston | May 14, 2020

Have you heard about Idea Exchange’s new film streaming service called Kanopy? It has a huge variety of films for all ages and interests, it is FREE for Idea Exchange members, and it is easy to sign up for.

My child is intensely curious about the world, so Kanopy Kids Educational films are amazing for her. To find this section, click the Kids link at the top right, then select ‘Educational’ from the drop down ‘Browse’ menu. A selection of films organized into topics will come up. This training film was a favourite for her, since, like many kids, she loves Fire Fighters. It is part of a great series offered, called Curiosity Quest. The episodes run approximately 30 minutes each, and the topics (everything from bike making, the Harlem Globetrotters, to cheese – and more!) are explored in a dynamic and informative way.

Kanopy Kids Educational series has a particularly strong selection of films related to science, nature, food and nutrition (Elements of Human Nutrition would be a great resource for a school project!), and languages. However, although the history and social studies films do have some gems (learning about ancient Egypt or Helen Keller!), unfortunately they are mostly geared toward an American audience.

Little Pim is a great series for supporting kids learning languages. These approximately 30-minute long films show simple vignettes of real people, or endearing cartoons to teach basic vocabulary in an engaging way. The series includes numerous topics and languages (Italian, French, Korean, and more!) for assisting with language acquisition, whether for interest, preparing for a school immersion program, being a newcomer to Canada, or for simply encouraging multiple languages in the home.

Kanopy Kids also categorizes some entertaining TV shows in their Education section because of their educational merit. WordWorld encourages literacy skills, Dinosaur Train explores science, and Splash and Bubbles explores ocean conservation –  all through fun stories.

Overall, although I would love to see more diverse history and social studies content, Kanopy Kids Educational series has many films worth discovering with your child!