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Lofty Summer Reading Goals!


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Braedon and Demitra at Hespeler | July 17, 2019

Tristan and Sabina have been coming to Idea Exchange since they were newborn babies and they have been reading and attending programs here as long as they can remember. When the Summer Reading Club started on Tuesday, they were one of the first in line to sign up.

This brother-sister pair went on to explain how their older siblings are the inspiration for their love of reading and their avid participation in the programs here at Idea Exchange. They came prepared with over thirty books that they had read from the library and from home.

Upon attending the Summer Reading Club, Tristan and Sabina are always excited, enthusiastic, and ready to show off all of the books they read, as well give a stunning report on all they have read. Their energy not only brings joy and smiles to the desk, but also shows others all of the fun they have while actively participating in the Summer Reading Club.

Tristan’s favorite books this summer are Spiderman Early Readers and Sabina is ready to read any book she can find. Sabina talked about how she sometimes tends to fall asleep on a pile of books! Tristan and Sabina's  summer reading goal is to read 500 books together! Thank you, Tristan and Sabina, for your passion and perseverance, we hope you reach your summer reading goal.