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Math Buddies This Fall



  • Tangram Art/Math
  • Two Math Buddies pose with their prizes
  • Addition & Subtraction Cheat Card

Brandon at Queen's Square | November 15, 2018

This Fall's Math Buddies program was a real joy. For nine weeks we had between 10 and 16 registered participants play together with numbers, shapes, angles, patterns, time, money, codes, measurements and more. We made a conscious effort to blend mathematics into play, art, and movement as much as possible. Each week we would start off with number cheers, practicing place value recognition and learning how to arrive at correct answers for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operations using our "cheat cards."

Having several high school student volunteers allowed us to split the program into a Main Area and Training Area so that participants could learn and play in teams, individually, and as groups while getting lots of one-on-one help when needed. Participants made their own game pieces in order to play our original board games and then took them home after the last week along with bead necklaces that they made with their android serial numbers on them (their first names translated into octal).

Popular activities and games included Geometric Fish (card game), Uno (a classic), Tangram Art/Math, and Math Pong.

Interested in similar after school programs? The Art of Math and Code Masters will be offered at our Old Post Office, Queen's Square, and Clemens Mill locations in the New Year. Look for details in our Winter magazine (coming soon).

No time for a regular program? Drop by the Old Post Office with a parent/guardian and a friend or two and check out the Mathemagician STEAMbox. Inside you'll find lots of math-based activities and games for a range of learning levels.