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Brandon at Queen's Square | May 28, 2020

Greetings, questers!

This Fall, Math Quest is getting leveled up! In July and August I was back in my workroom at our Queen's Square location (Hooray! Phase Three!) and I've been making up a storm! The paper has been flying, the laminator has been humming, and Math Quest 2.0 is ready to rock!

After you register for Math Quest, drop by the Youth Services desk at our Queen's Square location (3rd floor) and ask for me! Maybe call first to make sure I'm here. I usually am (but one of my colleagues can help you, too). I'll say hello and give you your Math Quester kit (one per household) and supplies for a Math Quester bracelet craft (one per kid). Your Math Quester kit contains the following essentials:

  • a fractions/place values helper chart
  • an addition/subtraction/multiplication/division helper chart
  • a giant, laminated protractor/ruler
  • a MINGO! card with a supply of chips (we'll be playing MINGO! pretty often) and
  • a dry-erase marker (please don't use permanent markers on Math Quest stuff... I will cry... Just kidding... maybe...)

While you're there you can also help yourself to some take-home exercise/practice puzzle sheets. And you can sign out a Math Quest Game to take home and play whenever you like (one at a time per household). We've got over two dozen different games to choose from. Some of them are totally original, lovingly crafted by yours truly, and not to be found anywhere else in the universe! Here they are:

  • 99 Card Game
  • Tangrams Challenges
  • Piggy Bank Card Game
  • Catch ‘n’ Fish Game
  • Sharks are Wild Card Game
  • Set Card Game
  • Math Pong
  • Number Jenga
  • Escape the Hive
  • Time Matching Card Game
  • Money Matching Card Game
  • Perfect Circle Gin
  • Geometric Fish/Hedbanz
  • Pete the Cat Game
  • Dominoes
  • 5 Minutes to Midnight
  • Tantrix Discovery
  • Uno Tournament Style
  • NMBR9 Game
  • Prime Climb
  • Pete the Cat Buttons Game
  • Math Party
  • Tic-Tac-Math! and
  • Pokémon Cash Hide 'n' Seek

I've tried my best to make sure we've got enough supplies for everyone, but if you don't need a helper card (or you can make one of your own using the links above) maybe consider not picking up one of the pre-made ones. Return Math Quest supplies just like you would a book or maker kit (in your location's book drop) so they can be properly quarantined and ready for the next person. See if you can try a few different games between now and the next session. ALL Math Quest supplies are to be returned by the end of October, please. But you can keep your bracelet as a souvenir!

Looking forward to seeing everyone. As always check this page for updates and links to helpful games and resources to try out on your own.

Numerically yours,

Brandon       :-)

Brandon Kidd
Youth Services Librarian
Idea Exchange, Queen's Square
1 North Square, Cambridge, ON N1S 2K6
T: 519.621.0460 x161