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Brandon & Snoopy | May 12, 2021

Mental health has never been a more serious issue for so many children. But treating it seriously won’t engage a young audience. Kids don’t get excited about socio-emotional learning seminars. So, instead, let’s play with kitties! Seriously!

Wednesday afternoons this May and June, my cat Snoopy and I will virtually host the after-school program Meditate with Snoopy from our living room. It’s a half-hour program where children learn how to use their imagination superpowers to manage their thoughts and emotions. Meditations are delivered in secular language that absolutely any family can enjoy. As the program’s official mascot, Snoopy will make regular appearances. He loves to Zoom-bomb… just ask my boss!

At the beginning of each week, we will explore a different children’s story from our library that discusses mental health and wellness with characters that kids can relate to. Then we will have a short, ten-minute guided meditation. To conclude each week, we will do an activity to help us navigate our rich inner worlds of thought and emotion. This could be a game, a simple craft, or something else.

After each program, recordings of the meditations will be made available to download so you can practice on your own whenever you like. Participants will not be recorded, just my voice.

This webpage also links to booklists and various other resources to support mental health and wellness for the entire family (scroll down). Register today.

See you in cyberspace!


Brandon & Snoopy
Brandon Kidd
Youth Services Librarian
Idea Exchange, Preston
435 King Street East, Cambridge, ON N3H 3N1
T: 519.653.3632 x705

(downloads coming as time allows)

The Silent Watcher Meditation (to increase sense of awareness) - 10 Minute MP3 File
The Sunlight Meditation (for health and energy)
The Counting Meditation (for focus and calm)
The Stone Meditation (for when you're upset)
The Smoke Meditation (to send good wishes)
The Hollow Body Meditation (to relax the body)

PlaySmarts Toy & Game Collection

Explore “PlaySmarts: Feel” resources in our new toy and game library to help you explore thoughts and emotions together as a family. Or explore our whole PlaySmarts toy & game lending collection. We'll be making more additions to the collection each week between now and September.


It's been a little bit slow getting my hands on books to review, but I'll add to these lists week after week as titles come in. So check back later!