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Brandon from Queen's Square (and Snoopy, too!) | May 8, 2020

Hello and welcome to Meditate With Snoopy!
Our group of meditators is about a dozen strong each week as we meet virtually via the internet. Together with our grownups (and one chill cat!) we've been exploring our minds and learning how to use our imagination superpowers to help us manage how we think and feel. Some glitches prevented us from having recordings of the meditations online right afterwards, but we finally found a fix!

We'll be putting links to all four meditations here for you to download and listen to whenever you like.

Week 1 - The Sunlight Meditation (for health and energy) - MP3 audio download (15 minutes)
Week 2 - The Counting Meditation (for focus and calm) - MP3 audio download (15 minutes)
Week 3 - The Stone Meditation (for when you're upset)
Week 4 - The Smoke Meditation (to send good wishes)