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Cancelled: Meet Bumbling Bert


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  • Bumbling Bert on stage with rabbit puppet
  • Bumbling Bert and son
  • Bumbling Bert's son performing a magic trick

Pam, Hespeler | February 16, 2020

During March Break on Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 10:00am, Idea Exchange OPO is excited to announce they will be hosting the Bumbling Burt show.   Bumbling Burt has thrilled many audiences throughout the Idea Exchange organization with his mix of magical tricks and fast witted comedy.  I wanted to know a little more about Bert and his magic show so we did a little interview.

Pam:  We really enjoy your shows here at Idea Exchange. They are very well put together and engaging.  How long have you been in this career?

Bumbling Burt:  I officially started my entertainment company at age 18, but was performing for family and friends for many years before that.  This year, I turn 50, so I’ve been in this career for 32 years!

Pam:  When you began, what got you started?  What inspired you to become a children’s performer?

Bumbling Burt:  Do you love the thrill and wonder of magic?  I always have.  I got my start as a socially awkward kid who was enthralled with magic.  I would save every penny to head to the Magic Store and buy great tricks to add to my collection.  I loved performing for family and friends!

Pam:  What is your favourite part of being a children’s performer?

Bumbling Burt:   You could say I was a magic-obsessed kid who didn’t change much…just got bigger.  I still love performing as much today as I did then!  I’ve owned my own entertainment company since 1988.

Pam:  I understand that being a children’s entertainer runs in your family, who else is involved and what are their roles?

Bumbling Burt:  Seven years ago, to no one’s surprise, my son Scott expressed a passion and interest to follow in my footsteps.  These days, Scott and I book over 800 events a year, to rave reviews!  It’s a dream come true to have a successful family business where we work side-by-side each day, bringing smiles and laughter to the faces of children.

Pam:  What illusion do you most like performing?

Bumbling Burt:  I can’t single out which is my favourite illusion to perform, but I will say I have a bit of a knack for choosing the right tricks for each type of audience.  I can put a unique show together on the spot to engage any crowd.

Pam:  If someone wanted to go into this as a career, what advice would you have for them?

Bumbling Burt:  If someone was just getting started in a magic career, I would tell them that there are many, many ways to get an education other than a traditional classroom and to never stop learning!  I love reading books about magic, watch as many other performers as possible to gain ideas from and attending magic conferences locally and internationally.  This is great time in history to build a creativity-based, passion-inspired career.  Embrace our inner weirdo and colour outside the lines.  You can definitely have fun at work when you do what you love.

We hope to see you all at the Bumbling Bert performance and all other entertaining, educational, creative and wonderful activities we have planned for March Break.

Please check out our website for the full line up of March Break Programs.