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  • Erick Traplin, Children's Entertainer
    Erick Traplin, Children's Entertainer

Sarah, Clemens Mill | January 30, 2019

On Family Day (February 18, 2019), Idea Exchange is excited to welcome back an old friend. The one and only Erick Traplin will be joining the celebration at our Clemens Mill location for a fun-filled performance. I was curious about his long and successful career as a children’s entertainer, and he was kind enough to answer some questions.  Here’s our conversation:

Sarah: You’ve been in kids’ entertainment in our area for a while.  How long have you been in this career?

Erick:  I’ve been performing for kids and adults for 29 years.

Sarah:  When you began, what got you started?  What inspired you to become a children's performer?

Erick:  Music has always been a big part of family get-togethers and campfires for as long as I can remember.  About 30 years ago I did a goal setting course and realized that I wanted to give music a try. My first call came in for a children’s show and although it wasn’t what I had planned on doing I thought I’d give it a try and found out that I loved it! 

Sarah:  What is your favourite part of being a children's performer?

Erick:  I think the best part of being a children’s entertainer is the laughter I hear and the smiles I see on both the kid's and their parent's faces. It’s amazing to think that my music has that effect on them.

Sarah: What are you favourite songs to perform?

Erick:  Three of my favourites are Boom Chick a Boom, Bubbles, and Spiderman and I just love the squeals of delight when I turn on the bubble machine for the first time at a show.

Sarah:  I also love a good bubble machine!  It’s like magic!  Do you have any memorable stories you'd like to share from any events at which you've performed?

Erick:  Aside from the multiple hugs and high fives from the kids after the concerts (which are the perks of my shows) here’s a story that stands out.   I had a teacher come back after one concert and she had overheard one of the little girls in her class talking to another and the one girl said “When I grow up I’m going to marry him” and her friend replied “Well you better hurry up, cause he’s pretty old!” You’ve just gotta love their matter-of-factness!

Sarah:  Oh my goodness!  You do hear some pretty amazing things from kids!  One last question:  If someone wanted to go into this as a career, what advice would you have for them?

Erick:  To anyone wanting to be a children’s performer my advice would be first off to make sure it’s something you love to do and then do it! That applies to whatever career you decide on. If you can find what you truly love to do…start! The rest will take care of itself.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Family Day for Erick’s performance and all the other entertaining, educational, creative, and wonderful activities we have planned.

Please note only our Clemens Mill location will be open from 12:00pm - 4:00pm on February 18, 2019 for Family Day programming. All other Idea Exchange locations are closed. Erick Traplin's show will run from 2:30pm - 3:15pm.