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Minecraft Mania at Idea Exchange


Old Post Office, Be Creative!

  • Minecraft

Samantha, Queen's Square | May 22, 2018

Do you love Minecraft? Idea Exchange does too!

Bring your friends and drop in to one of our four libraries (Clemens Mill, Hespeler, Preston, Queen's Square) to play Minecraft for FREE - no account necessary.

With computers available for everyone to have a turn to game, the kids have shared ideas and tactics for building and surviving Minecraft's rough terrain.  Participants are excited about their characters, their creations, and cooperating.

But wait, there's MORE! Participants have had the chance to build outside the computer game. They've created character paper crafts and made pixel art creepers and animals, as well as building catapults to avenge the creepers destroying them all.  They've even built a LEGO Minecraft land with hidey holes and zombies and skeletons that come to life.  

Join us for Minecraft fun at Idea Exchange!