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The New Homeschooling



  • Mother and daughter working on homework together

Patricia, Clemens Mill | July 17, 2020

For parents suddenly dealing with one or more children at home, possibly balancing working from home, while worrying about finances and health, there is no doubt that helping your children learn from home is going to be challenging. The good news is that you can do it without losing your sanity.
1) Keep it simple.
Follow the basic learning plan your child(ren)’s teacher has provided. Some children are eager learners, others need encouragement. Time to practice patience and compassion with both yourself and your child! Remember praise goes a long way as does encouragement to try again. If your child’s teacher has uploaded a week’s worth of work, don’t try to do everything in a few days. Spread the assigned work out over the week, breaking it into small chunks that are manageable.
2) Stay connected.
Feel free to seek help from the teacher if you do not understand what has to be done or the skill to be taught. Teachers are dedicated to helping your child learn! Encourage your child to talk to their teacher as well.
3) Have a routine (but be flexible).
Keep a regular bedtime and wake up time. Some parents find their children learn best in the morning when they are rested, their minds fresh. This can leave the afternoons free for creativity, free play and exploration. Or you might prefer to do some work in the morning and some school work in the early afternoon, with free time after each bit of learning time. If you find your child is getting frustrated, it’s time to take a break.
4) Finally, remember everyone is figuring this out.
Teachers, parents and children are all new to this. See this as a positive time to enjoy your child, and get to know their teachers too! The Waterloo District School Board has an excellent webpage, Tips For Learning at Home that provides some good guidance for learning at home.