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Numeracy: “Back to the Basics” with the New Math Curriculum



  • Numeracy: “Back to the Basics” with the New Math Curriculum

Trish, Old Post Office | July 1, 2019

Math has always been a fundamental part of learning. Each year with the addition of new information and technology, we learn new strategies for teaching. Concepts such as numbers, shapes, measurement, and time, have not changed, however the ways of teaching children have.

This September, primary and junior math classes will have a new look and feel as schools go “back to the basics.” The new curriculum will be gradually introduced over four years, and will consist of a few parts. In the classroom, methods like memorizing times tables, will replace concepts such as “discovery math.” For more information, here are a couple of website articles from the Ontario government:

'Back-to-Basics' Math Curriculum, Renewed Focus on Skilled Trades and Cellphone Ban in the Classroom Coming Soon to Ontario

Focusing on the Fundamentals of Math, Grades 1-8

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