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Old School Road Trips


Be Creative!

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Tina, Preston | August 1, 2015

All packed and ready to head to the cottage? Wait! The kids’ tablets are out of power and no one can find the chargers and you’re already running late!

Don’t worry, just relax and think old school.  Remember our family vacations way back when we didn’t have modern technology? What about getting the kids to play the license plate game. There are lots of printable versions online or just yell out what provinces or states you see on cars on the highway. Try and find one from each place – can you remember each province?

What about finding different bumper stickers or those decals that show who’s in their family?  Or how about singing songs on the trip? One of my favourite memories was when we borrowed some books with CDs from the library and listened to Robert Munsch’s More Pies! with our children on the way to a family cottage. They laughed the whole way there. Whether your trip is across Canada or just an hour away enjoy your vacation!