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  • Ryan Tyler

Braedon and Demitra at Hespeler | August 19, 2019

Tyler (right) and Ryan (left) are two extremely enthusiastic readers who have managed to come see us here at Hespeler almost every day of the week! We asked each of them what they enjoyed the most about the Summer Reading Club, Tyler said he liked our reading games the most, and Ryan liked the Arctic Stretching Game. He especially liked the Arctic Scavenger Hunt. For Ryan the answer was simple, his favourite thing about the Summer Reading Club was that he could win prizes from all his reading!

Both the boys have very different interests when it comes to books. Tyler told us how his favourite book this summer was the Scaredy Squirrel Books, specifically Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Christmas. Ryan told us his favourite book this summer was the Melvin Monster books, he explained he has read three other books from the series and really likes them!

Both of the boys had pretty high goals for reading this summer with Ryan wanting to read up to 50 books and Tyler wanting to read 80! But one thing the boys agree on is how much they both want to do the Summer Reading Club next summer!