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Pam, Hespeler | November 1, 2016

Parents of picky eaters unite!  What do you do with a picky eater?

As a parent of a picky eater I am always looking for ingenious ways to get fruits, vegetables and new types of foods into my child.  If I was willing to let my son eat fries and burgers every day, my life would definitely be easier and much more peaceful. But if you are anything like me you are not willing to lose the “keeping your child healthy” battle.

I wanted to share a few interesting ideas for getting healthy and varied food into your Picky Eater.

On I found articles that have many ideas for helping with Picky Eaters.  This month I am vowing to try out the advice in the article entitled, Double the Number of Foods Your Kid Likes!

If you’re interested in hearing some ideas from the popular TV show The Doctors have a look at the following link.

At Idea Exchange there are resources for all dietary needs so check some out today.