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Margaret, Clemens Mill | March 19, 2019

What dreams do you and your child have that you haven't you been able to do YET?  Persevere, ask for help, and stay in the world of possibilities.

My little great-niece Paige said something funny to her older sister in the car the other day. Their Oma and I overheard her: “Don’t worry, Kaitlyn, Oma didn’t say NO to taking us skiing, she just said NOT YET. Remember what our teacher said? The Power of YET. It means we can try it in the future! Just not today!”

This hope-filled and very wise comment made us smile. The girls then had a long discussion about what is the “Power of YET”, and what it meant to them. They told us that they had made a list at school of things they can do (like ride a bike, or swim, etc.) and also things they just couldn’t do YET (like whistle, and skateboard, etc.) The girls said it was funny how they thought their friends were perfect at everything and they were scared to ask for help because they would look “like big dummies.” But, after sharing their lists in the class, they realized everyone had different skills and talents, and it was okay to ask for help. To help each other get past “NOT YET.”

Later, my sister and I discussed what the girls’ teacher had initiated, and how great a concept it was. We did some research online and discovered that the Power of YET is a growth mindset, a way to stay open to new skills and potential adventures. It gives you a chance to think of obstacles that must be overcome, steps that may need to be taken, and, finally, a chance to play in the world of possibilities, as children do.

See The power of YET ~ Carol S Dweck (Ted Talk). And, see it explained to kids in an entertaining way in Sesame Street: Janelle Monae - Power of Yet

Below is a list of just some of our inspiring children’s books about overcoming obstacles.

What haven’t you tried, YET?

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