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Science experiments you can do at home


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Amy, Clemens Mill | November 6, 2020

Teaching kids about the wonderful world of science can seem a little daunting if this is not your area of expertise, like me. I’ll be the first to admit that science was never a subject I was too fond of in school, but now that I have kids I have developed a new found love for it.

It really is exciting to share how things work in this world, especially when your young audience is so captivated and truly amazed, and why shouldn’t they be, science is awesome!

Exploring science is such a great way to spend quality family time, while discovering something new together. There are so many fun science experiments and activities that are super simple to do at home with your whole family, from toddlers to seniors.

Many of these use things that you likely already have in your home which makes putting these experiments together even easier.

Since my family is at the toddler stage, I am going to share some of the fun science adventures we have been on with our two tiny scientists.

An easy, no mess, and exciting experiment is watching a kidney bean grow into a plant. Here’s how:

  • Choose a clear jar
  • Dampen some paper towel/napkins
  • Fold up the damp paper towel/napkin and loosely fill the jar
  • Add a few beans against the glass so you can see them from the outside
  • Set in the sun and then watch it grow!

For about two weeks it became part of our morning routine to check on the beans, it was so much fun to see how much it can grow each day. It really fostered a love of gardening earlier on and now each summer we plant a garden outside. We make sure to water and check on it every day to see what’s growing and ready to be picked. Which they remember to do more then me, because it is such a fun learning experience.

An explosive experiment we love, is watching the reaction between baking soda and vinegar. There are many different experiments that can be done with these two ingredients but our favourite is making fizzy rainbows!

  • Choose a shallow dish
  • Sprinkle baking soda on the bottom (enough to cover the bottom)
  • Use food colouring to make a rainbow (or just coloured dots everywhere)
  • Fill a container with some vinegar
  • Use a dropper to pick up the vinegar and drop it on to the coloured dots and watch the fizzy colourful fun begin!

This one is great for learning colours, fine motor skills and the explosive cause and effect relationship. My kids play with this experiment so long that we have been known to add another layer of baking soda and create a new picture and begin the fun all over again!

In my search for at home science experiments, I came across a really awesome YouTube channel called TheDadLab. It is full of short, simple, easy to follow videos of science experiments and art activities that use every day items you have in your home (

Then check out these books for more ways to explore science:

Book cover of Outdoor Science Lab for Kids by Liz Lee Heinecke  Book cover of Try this at home by Jackie Farquhar  Book cover of 30-minute edible science projects by Anna Leigh  Book cover of Hack your backyard by Niki Ahrens  Book cover of Try this extreme by Karen Young Book cover of We dare you by Vicki Cobb