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Braedon and Demitra at Hespeler | August 7, 2019

For sisters Grace and Elizabeth, coming to Idea Exchange is a treat they love all year round. They enjoy all that Idea Exchange offers, from the Lego wall, to the little kitchenette in the corner of the Children’s Department where Elizabeth loves to make her mom meals. Their playful energy always brings excitement to the library.

These sensational sisters love to bring out their artsy side. Just last week they performed a dance routine they made up for their mom and the Summer Reading Club staff. They really enjoy showing off all of the plays and dance routines they create throughout the week, allowing their creative personalities to flourish!

These lovely sisters love to read! They have been coming to the Summer Reading Club for many years. Their favourites include Raina Telgemeier’s books, such as Drama and Smile. They are always beaming and ready to tell the Summer Reading Club staff what they have read that week. They hope to continue to find amazing graphic novels to read this summer.

Thank you, Grace and Elizabeth, for your rambunctious energy, we look forward to seeing some more of your dances!