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Summer Reading Stories: Brothers Bonding Over Books OR One Book, One Community


Reading Stories

  • Evan and Ethan

Gabriella at Preston | August 21, 2018

A library book can travel to many homes each year, bringing the community together through the exchange of ideas. Just like the Summer Reading Club, encouraging children to open their minds to all the possibilities a single story can hold.

Today these two brothers Evan (11) and Ethan (7) brought to the reading desk And Then It Happened by M. & L. Wade, More Than Meets the Eye - Volume 1 by James Roberts and Strange Allies by Ryder Windham.

Evan loved all the hilarious pranks Gordon, the main character, pulls on his classmates and his teacher. Whereas Ethan enjoyed the leadership skills Optimus Prime displayed to get his group to work as a better team throughout the Transformers thrill ride. These two model readers were the first at Preston to complete their Reach for the Stars card and add their names to our star wall!

At Idea Exchange a library is more than a book hub for reading. That’s why we offer so much more: programs for all ages, computers & printing, knowledgeable staff that put members needs first and a variety of locations to better accommodate the diversity in Cambridge. Like Evan and Ethan, who not only love to read action packed comedies but, also enjoy recreating their favorite superheroes on Preston’s Lego Wall. So far this summer they have made: Black Panther and Iron man. Though, in the past they have also created Starlord and Penguin (one of the bad guys in Batman), among others. Both siblings deeply enjoy sports, using their competitive natures to earn them even more weekly prize tickets! Next they plan on reading a book about the Blue Jays before they go to Toronto to see one of their games live! Go Jays go!