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Summer Reading Stories: Dynamic Duo Visits the Desk!


Reading Stories

  • Evan and James

Megan at Queen's Square | July 30, 2018

Evan and James are two energetic brothers who both enjoy reading, swimming, and playing video games. Evan talked to me about a Batman comic book, filled with multiple stories of Batman’s amazing adventures. James told me about This Book is out of Control! by Richard Byrne.

I asked what else each of them likes to do. Evan enjoys climbing and squishing his magnetic putty. James enjoys playing with LEGO as well as tickling and wrestling with his brother. Their video game of choice is Minecraft, but they do enjoy playing Fortnite and Terraria. They also said they enjoy watching videos on YouTube. James’ favourite channel is FUNnel Vision, it certainly seems like an exciting channel.

Each of them also enjoys reading different kinds of books. Evan reads fantasy and adventure, as well as a good comic book. James said he likes books with cute puppies in them.

They each have a favourite thing about the library as well. Evan simply answered with “Books, books, and more books” and is an unabashed, self-proclaimed “book worm.” James also enjoys the books, but he likes the art gallery downstairs too.

Both boys were a bit goofy and fun to talk with. It was a joy to have them come to the Queen's Square Summer Reading Club desk. I have no doubt that I will continue to see them for the remainder of the summer.