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Summer Reading Stories: An Expert Joins the Club!


Reading Stories

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Megan at Queen's Square | July 16, 2018

Today I met Allison, also known as Allie; she made sure to let me know that it was “ie” not “y” as I signed her up for our Summer Reading Club. She is going into Senior Kindergarden this fall. Allie has not signed up for the reading club before, but heard about it from a friend and was very excited to join.

She told me about the book she read for her first visit, Sofia Makes a Friend. Allie said her favourite part about the book was the unicorn and its golden horn, though she let me know that unicorns normally have white horns.

When asked what she likes to do for fun, she said that she loves to play with her train sets. She only has the one set but she makes lots of different tracks out of it. She hopes that one day she can get a train set like the one we have in the library, with lots of twists and turns.

I made sure to ask if she liked to read, her response was “I’m an expert at reading, I read all the time.” Just the kind of enthusiasm we love here in the Summer Reading Club. She does most of her reading in her bed but she did take the time to read a book here at the library so she could colour her first star.

My last question for her was about her favourite thing at the library. She said that she liked how it was usually quiet and peaceful but it was a little loud today.