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Summer Reading Stories: Inspiring for a Lifetime


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  • Photo of Connor

Isabel and Mya at Hespeler | July 20, 2018

Shhhh… Do you hear that? What’s that rumbling noise amongst the shelves? It’s only Stanl-- No wait, it’s Connor, devoted library resident, reading his favourite book It’s Only Stanley by Jon Agee. Devouring books for eight years Connor has been a part of the library community for longer than he remembers. Now, over the past four years, the Summer Reading Program has become a large part of his summers.

Connor has created multitudes of memories here, creating his own Harry Potter wand or meeting his longtime best friend at only nine weeks old (they met in the Baby and Me program).

When Connor found his home away from home in the library and, since joining the Summer Reading Club, his mother Gwendoline, has noticed a major boost in her son’s reading level. Currently, in Grade Three, Connor reads at a Grade Six level!

Besides reading, Connor’s passions include soccer and swimming –diving in the deep end as often as he can. When on land, Connor is a dedicated ninja, learning from Ninjago masters to hone his skills. Often found silently reading in a corner, his ninja studies appear to be progressing but Connor can always be counted on to summon his youthful energy to light a spark in any library program. We can’t wait to see where Connor’s literacy journey takes him this summer and throughout the year.