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Summer Reading Stories: Making Progress


Reading Stories

  • Meet the Fairies
  • Cinderella Book

Grace at Queen's Square | July 30, 2018

Sisters Mackenzie and Makayla love coming to the library. Mackenzie greets me each morning with a hug and both girls are all smiles when they come to visit. Both girls have made wonderful progress in their reading and explanations of their books, especially Mackenzie. She was very shy to talk at first and wanted her guardian beside her as she spoke. But as the weeks have progressed she has become very comfortable coming up to the desk alone and talking about her books. Today, Mackenzie was excited to talk about the Cinderella book A Dream for a Princess because she loves princesses and happy endings. Makayla told me in detail about one of the stories from Meet the Fairies: A Collection of Reading Adventures. Both girls love to read and tell me about Disney princess and fairy books, a clear favourite for both of them.

Mackenzie is entering the first grade in the fall and her sister, Makayla is entering the third grade. Mackenzie loved to read and play in Kindergarten which Makayla quickly added “not in grade 1!” Makayla’s passions are science and gym class! They both love to come to the library and go to the beach.

The girls told me all about their fun camping trip that previous weekend. They made hotdogs and had a campfire and went swimming in the lake. But Mackenzie said the lake “was soooooo cold!” They are both very excited to go camping again later in the summer!