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Summer Reading Stories: Sibling Revelry


Reading Stories

  • Kieran and Mackenzie

Grace at Queen's Square | August 21, 2018

Siblings Mackenzie and Kieran love to visit with Megan and I at the Summer Reading Club desk! They are excited each year to join up. Today Kieran talked about Splat the Cat Makes Dad Glad and Mackenzie talked about The Emperor Penguin’s New Clothes. Though these are definitely not the only books each child reads, as both of them read and bring lots and lots of books to the desk each time. Both siblings talk about each of their books in lots of detail with great enthusiasm. Mackenzie has done so much reading and visits to the desk she has been working on completing our “Reach for the Stars!” bookmark.

They both love to read in their spare time and their favourite Summer Reading Club game to play is the music game! They first heard about the program when Kieran came to the library for a school trip and have joined every year since. They excitedly told me how they each won a prize last year as well as the nomination prize. 

In their spare time they both love to come to the library, read, play with their toys and go to the park. Kieran also loves to play video games like Minecraft while Mackenzie loves to dance. Both of them love school and are excited for it to begin again. Kieran likes Math and Social Sciences and Mackenzie likes Art, Music and Math. Kieran and Mackenzie have both done some amazing reading this summer and I hope they keep it up all year, ready for the Summer Reading Club next year!