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Summer Reading Stories: Sister Act!


Reading Stories

  • Photo of Myriam
  • Photo of Brynn

Lia at Queen's Square | July 16, 2018

Myriam and Brynn were excited to visit the Summer Reading Club desk today and get registered so they could Reach For the Stars! together. Both sisters have participated in the program previously and started off their reading adventure by reporting on some books from home.

Myriam is going into Grade 3. She has a goal to finish the alphabet-level books this year, because she is currently on level S. She plans on practicing her reading this summer through the reading club to keep her skills sharp.

The book Myriam recounted for me was Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business. In the book, Junie B. Jones was nervous about meeting her new baby brother for the first time because, due to a misunderstanding, she thought he was actually going to be a monkey!

I asked Myriam if she was nervous when her little sister was born, and she said she was excited to have siblings.

Brynn was equally as excited as her sister to talk about her book, Barbie and Her Sisters in “A Puppy Chase”. Brynn is going into Grade 1. Brynn’s favourite part was when one of Barbie’s puppies copied a pony doing a silly dance! She also liked the puppy’s sunglasses, and felt very relieved when the lost puppies found their way home at the end of the book.

Brynn clearly loves animals, you can tell by the ears on her tiger hoodie!

Myriam and Brynn are looking forward to entering the prize draws. They are going to come back soon with their mom, and they might even try to read some books in French!