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Summer Reading Stories: Sisters with Smiles!


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  • Donna-Lee and Deandra

Gabriella at Preston | August 21, 2018

Today I had the pleasure of meeting yet another pair of amazing siblings: Donna-Lee (9) and her older sister Deandra (12). Donna-Lee arrived at the Preston summer reading desk this afternoon with Thea Stilton & the Lost Letters by Thea Stilton. Part of the reason she chose to read this book was because when her sister Deandra was her age she loved the Thea Stilton stories so much that she read the whole series. Donna-Lee really admires her older sister’s dedication and wants to read just as much!

She also loved the main character: Aleksander, an Olympic figure skater with a big heart who was always super kind throughout the book. For example, when Nicki was struggling to skate, Aleksander was always there to help and encourage her.

However, both sisters say that the best part of the story was “when they have to go look for the stolen ring” because it’s the action-packed part of the book. Plus they get to go to Russia for the whole adventure.

Where Donna-Lee loves reading fantastical chapter books, Deandra tends to go for young adult books that talk about real world problems and teach her life lessons. Books like Monday’s Not Coming by Tiffany Jackson and The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas.

Towards the end of our conversation Deandra proudly let me know that they go “to a French immersion school and that one of her favorite subjects is French” which is super cool. It’s always great to meet a fellow Franco-Ontarian.

Subsequently, I asked what book they planned on reading next and they let me know that they still aren’t sure. Nevertheless, if it’s anything like the books they usually read, it surely will be just as great a story!