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Summer Reading Stories: A Visit Abroad


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  • Seo-Jin and Do-Yeong

Mya and Isabel at Hespeler | August 21, 2018

For many Summer Reading Club members, the library is a regular hangout but for two members in particular, today’s trip to the library is a special one. This summer Seo-Jin (12) and Do-Yeong (11) are travelling Canada from South Korea!

In Canada for a month, Seo-Jin and Do-Yeong arrived on July 27th with their parents and could not wait to start exploring and practicing their English. Fans of travel, they have attempted to experience all that Canada has but fell in love with Niagara Falls, calling it their favourite. Seo-Jin and Do-Yeong would describe each other as happy and proud. To these two siblings nothing is more important than family. Seo- Jin said that “My family means everything to me... I love everything that they do!”

While they may be new to Hespeler, these two are very familiar with the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling, entranced by the magical adventures. They both think that the books are better than the movies. Do-Yeong also expressed his love for the funny antics of Snoopy and friends by Charles M. Schulz. Despite the new environment, both kids quickly felt at home among the library shelves. Today they chose some books about Disney characters and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Even though Seo-Jin and Do-Yeong are leaving soon, they will not soon be forgotten.