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Summer Time Is Sister Time


Reading Stories

  • parijot dhaliwal

Melanie at Queen's Square | July 19, 2019

It’s only the second week of summer but sisters Parijot (right) and Jasmine (left) are well into their summer reading routine. “Every day, we read 5 or 10 or 15 books,” says Parijot. “On Sunday we read 5, Monday we read 10 and Tuesday we read 15 books!” she added.

These sisters are always happy to come to the Summer Reading Club Desk together and help each other out with their storytelling. Today, on their third visit since last Friday, the girls told me all about their most recent reads. Jasmine was excited to show me the Cinderella book that her big sister read to her. “She wanted me to read it to her 3 times!” Mentioned Parijot, who is almost nine years old. That’s wonderful that Jasmine enjoys that book so much, and what an amazing sister Parijot is to have read it to her so many times.

Parijot was right by Jasmine’s side the whole time she told me about her book, and was an awesome support. She helped her out with explaining the little details about the story, since Jasmine is only four years old. When it came time for her to talk about her own books, Parijot had a very detailed description about her Owl Diaries book. She says she really enjoys that series and planned on taking a couple more of them home with her today.

After their report, the girls sat together and read seven more books! In total, Parijot has read over 30 books since the beginning of the summer and Jasmine has read nearly 20! That’s awesome girls, keep up the great reading!

These sisters both said that their favorite part about summer is that they get to play with each other all day long! “We have lots of toys to play with outside, like our bikes. Parijot has a scooter, too,” says Jasmine.

They really have an incredible bond! Whether in the library or outside riding their bikes, the girls are always having fun together, and that’s what summer is all about.