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Sarah at Queen's Square | August 7, 2019

Sisters Suhail, Bushra, and Salma visit Queen’s Square a few times each week ready and excited to talk about all of the books that they have read. They are always eager to elaborate on their own books and help each other when they forget a detail. These sisters come rushing in with smiles on their faces every time, as well as huge stacks of interesting books they’ve read.

After their report, they excitement continues when they see which game they will get to play and then search for their next great read. They often start by looking at the “Melanie’s Pick” and “Sarah’s Pick” stars we have on display. We love when kids take our “picks” so we can hear what they thought about books that we love, and it’s also interesting to hear them talk about books we aren’t as familiar with.

As the eldest Suhail is always eager to help her younger siblings remember some of the details in their books as well as tell us all about the ones that she read herself.  Being the middle sister Bushra looks to her elder sister for help when she gets stuck, but loves to be independent and talk for herself without the helpful side comments. The youngest sister Salma loves to look through the pictures in her books and explain what each picture is of or what happened on that page of the story. Salma also looks to her big sisters for help when she can’t remember a word or when she is feeling shy.

We look forward to their next visit and hearing about all the amazing books that they are reading!