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Sarah at Queen's Square | August 12, 2019

Natalie loves to visit the library, she reads books, plays games, and explores the toys on the floor each week. The first day I met Natalie she walked right up to the Summer Reading Club desk and wanted to hear all about how the program worked and how she would get to play the games. She signed up all by herself, before running off to find Mom to tell her all about it. Natalie is a very independent young lady, she loves to run up to the Summer Reading Club desk to tell me all about the books that she has read or to get/return her game all by herself.

This week when she took her game bin away to play with she shared it with her friend Lake (that's him behind the smiley face!). Lake broke his leg earlier in the summer and wouldn’t have been able to play the game all on his own, so he and Natalie worked together. Lake took care of marking the checklist and going through each of the animals in the Grasslands game, while Natalie wore the Safari Hat and tried to move quietly so the animals wouldn’t wake up.

These two often play together when they are at the library at the same time, and they both love to spend time playing with all the cool toys that we have here at the library. They are both very strong, independent young kids that aren’t afraid of doing what they want and aren’t too shy to tell me about their activities with or without Mom there to help. At the end of their stay at the library both these kids do what they can to help clean up the mess that they have made, or the mess that each of their younger siblings has helped to make.