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Terrific Trio Triumphs!


Reading Stories

  • Humd Kamooz Eishyal

Michelle at Clemens Mill | July 26, 2019

Hat’s off to another wonderful week of the Summer Reading Club here at Clemens Mills! We’ve had tons and tons of readers come to visit including these three book-loving sisters. Eishyal, Kanooz, and Humd come to the library all the time and have just gotten their fifth visit stamp! They all love, love, LOVE to read --even Humd who can’t quite do it herself yet but her mom reads to her every day.

Eishyal says her favourite thing about coming to the library and summer time is all the reading she gets to do. A lot of the books she likes are fantasy ones like the Upside Down Magic series but on this visit she told us about My Secret Guide To Paris by Lisa Schroeder which is about a young girl who goes on an adventures in Paris by following the clues her grandma left for her.

Kanooz absolutely loves reading all the different kinds of Fancy Nancy books as well as the series about her sister Jojo. She recently read Fancy Nancy & the Delectable Cupcakes that was all about Nancy, her friends and family trying to bake some sweet treats.

Humd enjoys books all about different shapes and colours. Her latest book she read was about a rainbow filled costume party and the one she liked best was the pink cat dressed as a witch. It is so great to see that whole families are getting involved in the summer fun at the library. Happy reading everyone!