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An Un-be-leaf-able Day at the Library


Reading Stories

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Melanie at Queen's Square | August 7, 2019

It’s an extra special visit to the library today for siblings Ben and Ayla!

They registered during the first week of the program and have been committed to visiting the library every day with their parents. Here at Queen’s Square, we have what we call our “Tracking Card Tree.” Every time you fill your tracking card and reach ten visits to the Summer Reading Club Desk, you get to add a leaf to our tree. These siblings are the first ones to do so! Ben hung a yellow leaf and Ayla a red one. Congratulations!

Both Ben and Ayla are really great readers and they each have a favorite book series they like to pick out. Ben enjoys reading about superheroes. His favorite hero is Batman, he likes to come to our desk and talk all about the bad guys Batman defeated in his latest book. As for Ayla her favorite book series’ are Barbie and Fancy Nancy. She loves to point out the most important parts of the story and we think she’s an awesome storyteller.

Since these two have visited so many times, they’ve played nearly all of the Summer Reading Club games and both agree that Mountain Madness is their favourite. Still, they’re excited to re-play them all during their next few visits.

It’s wonderful to see all the great reading they’ve done so far this summer and I have no doubt they will be back many more times before the school year begins!