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  • Katrina STEAMbox

Lauren at the Old Post Office | August 9, 2019

Katrina, age seven, had an electrifying time with the Voltageous STEAMbox. This box is themed around the science behind electricity, and features a hand generator along with a circuit kit. Katrina loved making different combinations with the circuit kit, the double fan being her favourite! This box helped expand Katrina’s prior knowledge of electricity, and she wants to come back to explore it another time. She gives the box five stars, and a glowing recommendation for other kids to come and play with it.

Katrina is no stranger to us here at Idea Exchange. We often welcome her at programs like Reading Buddies and Math Buddies when we run them throughout the year and we’re always happy to see her. But think twice before you challenge her to a game of Uno! She can be quite the card sharp!

This is the first year that we’ve offered the Summer Reading Club experience at the Old Post Office, and (like the building itself) it’s different from what you can expect at our other facilities. Naturally, Katrina was among the first to come and check it out.

The Voltageous STEAMbox explores the S, T, and E in STEAM: Science, Technology, and Engineering. Come check out this box for a zapping good time and learn how to get involved in the Summer Reading Club at the Old Post Office in a whole new way!