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grace elizabeth photo
Braedon and Demitra at Hespeler | August 7, 2019
For sisters Grace and Elizabeth, coming to Idea Exchange is a treat they love all year round. They enjoy all that Idea Exchange offers, from the Lego... Read More»
Emily Veda
Demitra and Braedon at Hespeler | July 26, 2019
Throughout the week we have had so many wonderfully excited readers sign up for the Summer Reading Club. However, none were more excited then our... Read More»
Humd Kamooz Eishyal
Michelle at Clemens Mill | July 26, 2019
Hat’s off to another wonderful week of the Summer Reading Club here at Clemens Mills! We’ve had tons and tons of readers come to visit including... Read More»
parijot dhaliwal
Melanie at Queen's Square | July 19, 2019
It’s only the second week of summer but sisters Parijot (right) and Jasmine (left) are well into their summer reading routine. “Every day, we read 5... Read More»
dexter preston
Hannah at Preston | July 19, 2019
Tuesday, July 2nd marked the first day of our TD Summer Reading Club here at Idea Exchange! On that very first afternoon, in walked Dexter, a... Read More»
tristan and sabina
Braedon and Demitra at Hespeler | July 17, 2019
Tristan and Sabina have been coming to Idea Exchange since they were newborn babies and they have been reading and attending programs here as long as... Read More»
Evan and Ethan
Gabriella at Preston | August 21, 2018
A library book can travel to many homes each year, bringing the community together through the exchange of ideas. Just like the Summer Reading Club,... Read More»
Donna-Lee and Deandra
Gabriella at Preston | August 21, 2018
Today I had the pleasure of meeting yet another pair of amazing siblings: Donna-Lee (9) and her older sister Deandra (12). Donna-Lee arrived at the... Read More»
Kieran and Mackenzie
Grace at Queen's Square | August 21, 2018
Siblings Mackenzie and Kieran love to visit with Megan and I at the Summer Reading Club desk! They are excited each year to join up. Today Kieran... Read More»
Megan at Queen's Square | August 21, 2018
Talia was excited to come to the library with her younger brother and sister today and visit the Summer Reading Club Desk! Talia read Trollhunters:... Read More»