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Donnie at Ballot Boxes
Lia at Queen's Square | August 9, 2018
It was Donny’s first time visiting the Queen’s Square Summer Reading Club desk today, accompanied by his mom and little brother, Jordan. Donny is in... Read More»
Evan and James
Megan at Queen's Square | July 30, 2018
Evan and James are two energetic brothers who both enjoy reading, swimming, and playing video games. Evan talked to me about a Batman comic book,... Read More»
Meet the Fairies
Grace at Queen's Square | July 30, 2018
Sisters Mackenzie and Makayla love coming to the library. Mackenzie greets me each morning with a hug and both girls are all smiles when they come to... Read More»
Nadia Shiloh and Eli
Isabel and Mya at Hespeler | July 30, 2018
A library is a place full of fascination, curiosity, and imagination. It’s easy to become lost in your passions and for one family at Idea Exchange... Read More»
Photo of Luke
Gabriella at Preston | July 25, 2018
Canada is a diverse country made more so because it has two official languages: French and English. Unfortunately, English tends to overshadow the... Read More»
Ava and Kate
Mya and Isabel at Hespeler | July 20, 2018
For Ava, age four, the library is the only place to be this summer. Ava has been coming to the library for three years of her life, reading and... Read More»
Photo of Connor
Isabel and Mya at Hespeler | July 20, 2018
Shhhh… Do you hear that? What’s that rumbling noise amongst the shelves? It’s only Stanl-- No wait, it’s Connor, devoted library resident, reading... Read More»
Photo of Myriam
Lia at Queen's Square | July 16, 2018
Myriam and Brynn were excited to visit the Summer Reading Club desk today and get registered so they could Reach For the Stars! together. Both... Read More»
Picture of Allie
Megan at Queen's Square | July 16, 2018
Today I met Allison, also known as Allie; she made sure to let me know that it was “ie” not “y” as I signed her up for our Summer Reading Club. She... Read More»
Picture of Katrina
Grace at Queen's Square | July 12, 2018
Today, I had the opportunity to talk to Katrina and her mother, who I have gotten to know over the last three years working at the Summer Reading... Read More»