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Beth, Preston | November 1, 2016
These days my three-year old daughter is fascinated by fairies, dragons, unicorns, and mermaids.  As she explores the world of magic in stories, I’ve... Read More»
Child with face on plate
Pam, Hespeler | November 1, 2016
Parents of picky eaters unite!  What do you do with a picky eater? As a parent of a picky eater I am always looking for ingenious ways to get fruits... Read More»
Fall clock
Laureen, Queen's Square | November 1, 2016
Time to change our clocks! Why do we do this? Daylight Saving Time is a time cycle that starts in the early spring when you set your clocks ahead one... Read More»
Edmund Unravels
Laureen, Queen's Square | September 1, 2016
Let’s Read is a Waterloo Region-wide program that encourages families to read together. Each year, a different book is selected for families across... Read More»
Child reading
Tina, Preston | August 2, 2016
I love cats! My new favourite one is named Pete. He’s very cool and gets into lots of fun adventures. You may have heard about him – there are a lot... Read More»
Mother and daughter with tablet
Kids | April 14, 2016
What’s new and exciting this fall? Why e-reading of course! With our Download Library for Kids e-reading has never been easier. Have you read the... Read More»
Puppy with heart-shaped pillow
Laureen, Queen's Square | February 11, 2016
Awwww! Don't you just love puppies? These furry, four-legged creatures are so much fun to watch and be around. If you love dogs as much as I do, you... Read More»
Father and daughter reading in Santa hats
Queen's Square | December 4, 2015
Snuggle up with these holiday books as we enter the season of giving! Gather the family and enjoy the classics or pick a new favorite. Whichever you... Read More»
Forest growing from open book
Andrea | October 29, 2015
Your next great read can be found in this list of nominated Canadian books! Blue Spruce Award (Kindergarten to Grade 2) - picture books to help... Read More»
Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-a-lot book cover, Image courtesy of Syndetics, 2016
Kids | August 21, 2015
We're super excited about these new books that are coming soon! So excited, that we want you to enjoy these fun book trailers, showcasing these... Read More»