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child reading in a forest
Tina, Preston | February 1, 2017
The 2017 nominees for the Forest of Reading are out! It is Canada’s largest recreational reading program that encourages a love of books. Idea... Read More»
Family Skating
Beth, Preston | January 2, 2017
The New Year is a time for many to make resolutions.  There is something about the fresh slate of a whole year stretching in front that is inspiring... Read More»
Laureen, Queen's Square | January 2, 2017
They say that no two snowflakes are alike – it’s true! How do snowflakes form different shapes? Snowflakes are ice crystals that form in clouds when... Read More»
Kathryn, Clemens Mill | January 2, 2017
That’s right, you can make ice cream in a zipper-seal bag and let me tell you that science has never tasted so good! To make this tasty activity... Read More»
Child mime
Deb, Clemens Mill | January 2, 2017
Mime is the silent art of acting. All you need is a good imagination! Why not try the mime “Bubblegum?” First you have to think about what it’s like... Read More»
Nutcracker ballet
Sarah, Clemens Mill | December 1, 2016
Being an M.O.D (mom of dancers), The Nutcracker has always figured into our holiday plans.  My girls were lucky enough to join a production of the... Read More»
Gingerbread-Yum! | December 1, 2016
Don’t you just love gingerbread? I think it’s the yummiest! It can be made into cookies, people and even houses! Lots of stories have been written... Read More»
Baby listening to music
Sarah, Clemens Mill | November 1, 2016
So, the weather outside is getting a bit dismal, and you're facing another day inside.  The kids are bored and you've had it.  What to do?  Well, I... Read More»
Beth, Preston | November 1, 2016
These days my three-year old daughter is fascinated by fairies, dragons, unicorns, and mermaids.  As she explores the world of magic in stories, I’ve... Read More»
Child with face on plate
Pam, Hespeler | November 1, 2016
Parents of picky eaters unite!  What do you do with a picky eater? As a parent of a picky eater I am always looking for ingenious ways to get fruits... Read More»