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The book with no pictures

Novak, B. J.
A picture book with no pictures! Perish the thought! Actually it works really well and is super fun for kids of all ages. Basically the more you let go and read the funny words with glee, the more your kid will love this. And you'll have great bonding and silly reading time.
Leah (Staff) (Age: older than 13) (Queen's Square Library)
I love this book! I fell in love the first time I read it and made it my mission to find a group of kids to read it to. Luckily I had two classes of grades four and five coming for a tour the following week. This age group is a hard sell at the best of times, but I had them rolling on the floor laughing. It's fun. It's silly. and of course you HAVE to do what the book tells you! Be sure to check it out to beat the January blahs.
Kim (staff) (Age: older than 13) (Hespeler Library)