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Dead is the New Black

Perez, Marlene.
Daisy Giordano is a normal teenager - totally normal. Is that so bad? Well, her mother is a psychic, her oldest sister can read minds, the other sister is telekinetic, and her home town is filled with werewolves, witches and vampires. I guess being normal would make you unusual in those circumstances. And how can something unusual happen in an already unusual place? Well, when a psionic vampire shows up (yea, I didn't know what that was either) and starts wreaking havoc on the town's unsuspecting people, Daisy and her old friend (maybe more than an old friend) take it upon themselves to find out what is happening in their sleepy little town. It's no Twilight - but it was fun.
Sharon (Staff) (Age: older than 13) (Queen's Square)