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Freckleface Stawberry

Moore, Julianne
Yet another children's book from a celebrity author wannabe. Freckleface Stawberry by Julianne Moore (who herself is a red haired freckle face) is the story of not being accepted because of what you look like. The beginning is very promising as Freckleface has a fate even worse than red hair - freckles! She does everything she can to get rid of them after being teased and taunted, even scrubbing her face with lemon juice. The story is quite funny, especially for adults. Sadly, the book didn't hold my interest and I am still not sure how I feel about the illustrations. It is, however, worth taking a look at - take it from me - a red haired freckle face (and I never really minded...too much!).
Emily (Staff) (Age: older than 13) (Hespeler)