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Goosebumps Creepy Creatures

I really liked it.There are three stories.The best one was the The WereWolf Of Fever Swamp. Its about a boy named Grady. They moved to Florida because his parents were scientists. They had to a projects. They got six swamp deers from the South America. They want to see how they survive in the florida swamps. So Grady went into the swamp with her sister Emily. Then they meet the Swamp Hermit in the mittle of the swamp. Then they are chased back to their house ,but the Swamp Hermit does not go past the end of the swamp. Then the next day Grady finds a straight dag. At the same time a boy goes over,named Will. They go exploring in the swamp. But Grady finds out Will is a werewolf.
Amber (Age: 9) (Queen's Square)