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The Graveyard Book

Gaiman, Neil.
The Graveyard Book, winner of this year's Newbery Award, is a spine tingling, nail biting, leave-the-lights-on when you go to bed kind of book. Horror for kids at its best (you read that right: horror for kids). Nobody Owens (read that as nobody owns), or "Bod" to his friends, is our hero. And who are his friends? The dead are, of course. This story, once you get past the first chapter and the brutal murder of Bod's entire family, is fantastically told with humour, wit, charm and all the creepy bits. Bod, who toddled his way into the graveyard with the murderer in pursuit, is protected by the inhabitants of the graveyard. He learns much during his time there, like how to go unnoticed, how to give a really good scare, and how to avoid those nasty goblins. If you liked Coraline, also by Neil Gaiman, you'll love the Graveyard Book.
Sharon (Staff) (Age: older than 13) (Queen's Square)