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Citizenship and Government

Hand placing ballot in box with Canadian flag in background


What does it mean to be a citizen in Canada? How do you vote? What is our government like? Learn about the three levels of government in Canada.

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Canadian Citizenhip in ActionMunicipal Government book coverCanadian Identity book coverCanada's Government

Canadian Citizenship in Action Series
A series of books that help students understand what living in a democracy means and how each person can participate.

Levels of Government
A small series of books, each describing a different levels of government - federal, provincial, municipal.

Canadian Government Series
A small series of books, describing our political system, identify, citizenship and place in the world.

Citizenship & Government
Couldn't find what you need in the lists above? This is a long list of books covering many topics such as political parties, citizenship, and our system of government.

Canadian Encyclopedia
Canadian Encyclopedia

Your best source of info on Canadian topics. Use the search box to find in-depth articles from the Canadian Encyclopedia, Maclean's Magazine, Canadian Encyclopedia of Music, and TV and radio spots such as Historica Minutes.

World Book
World Book

The full print encyclopedia plus additional articles, videos, sound clips and links to websites.

About Parliament
Learn about Canadian Parliament

How Canadians Govern Themselves
Learn about the different levels of government past and present.

Civics 101
Find out about Ontario's political process with fun animations.

Government in Canada
Discover the three levels of government in Canada.

Elections Canada
Learn about voting in Canada.