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Community Helpers

Group of people with different occupations


Mr. Rogers said it best: “Won’t you be my neighbour?” His message was genuine and impacted the lives of many young people.  He believed in a helping community that could share and depend on each other.  Sesame Street continued the message of community by sharing with children about who the people in their neighbourhood were and promoting to their young viewers the value of a neighbourhood. Who are the people in your neighbourhood and what do they do to help others every day?

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a police officer, a nurse, a crossing guard, or a construction worker?  These people in our communities are called community helpers.  A community helper is any person who helps with our health and well-being.  They help to keep the community safe and healthy.  Community helpers are part of children lives every day.  They provide us with goods (products we use), and services (things they do for us). 

When a firefighters saves someone from a burning building he or she is helping the community.  When a grocery clerk sells us fresh fruit and vegetables they are helping us too, just in a different way.  Can you think of all the different people in our community that help make Cambridge a safe and healthy place to live?

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