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Early Civilizations

Camels and pyramids


Ever wondered why we do some of the things we do? We can take a look back in time to see how structures were made and who made them. Do we still use some of these same techniques today? What can we learn about ancient cultures from what they left behind? And what can ancient cultures teach us about ourselves?

Do you enjoy building? The Ancient Romans built the aqueducts, stone structures used to transport water over long distances from lakes and rivers to towns and cities.

The Ancient Egyptians, were well known for their pyramids, as well as their massive statues and structures. But why are the pyramids, well… pyramids? Why aren’t they round or square? There are some very good reasons! If you were in charge of the building of a tomb, what shapes would you use?

Are you good at Math? You too could be a modern day Mayan! Have you ever wondered how the Mayan calendar worked? Or how their temples were built? Learn more about this ancient culture and about different numbering systems at the same time.

People from Medieval Europe had excellent blacksmithing skills. This early civilization knew everything there was to know about protecting their land and castles. If you are interested in weaponry and horses, this is the civilization for you.

Do you want to be a doctor? The citizens of Ancient China mixed herbs and treated the sick and wounded using wide range of techniques, many of which are still used today all over the world.

No matter what your interests, there is an early civilization that will fascinate you and inspire more discovery. Check out these resources to find out about the Earth’s ancestral people, what they did and how it impacts our lives today.

--Trish Boyd @ Idea Exchange, Hespeler

Click on one of the pictures or links below to find our recommended resources:

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Early Civilizations for Kids

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