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First Nations People & European Explorers

Aboriginal teepees


Get ready to explore . . . just like the first explorers to come to Canada and discover information about the First Nations People.

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Aboriginal Peoples of Canada
Learn about the history, culture and traditions of Canada's Aboriginal peoples, including music, dance, art, tools, transportation, clothing and housing.

Early Canada
Discover information about early Canadian life, including tools, crafts, toys, missionaries, and settlers.

Discovery and Exploration
Find out about Canada's first peoples and early settlers.

Canadian Fur Trade
Discover information about Canada's early fur trade, trade routes, and the Hudson's Bay Company.

Early Canadian Explorers
Learn about Canada's famous explorers, including Jacques Cartier, Henry Hudson, Samuel de Champlain, Sir Alexander Mackenzie, David Thompson, and George Vancouver.

Canadian Encyclopedia
Canadian Encyclopedia

Your best source of info on Canadian topics. Use the search box to find in-depth articles from the Canadian Encyclopedia, Maclean's Magazine, Canadian Encyclopedia of Music, and TV and radio spots such as Historica Minutes.

Early Explorers for Kids
Early Explorers for Kids

Look here for information on early explorers and exploration. Good for grades 4-8.

World History for Kids
World History for Kids

Look here for information on history and historical biographies. Great for grades 4-8.

Dictionary of Canadian Biography
Dictionary of Canadian Biography

Discover the people important to Canada whose death occurred between 1000 and 1930.

World Book
World Book

The full print encyclopedia plus additional articles, videos, sound clips and links to websites.

Kids Site of Canadian Settlement
Learn about different settlements in Canada.

Explore the stories of explorers who discovered Canada.

Virtual Museum of New France
Learn about the French explorers who founded New France.

Empire of the Bay
Learn about the Hudson's Bay Company and it's importance in exploration and discovery in Canada.

Kids Stop
Play games and learn about Aboriginal History.

Canada's First Peoples
Discover lots of information about the First Peoples of Canada.