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Forces Acting on Structures



Learn about structures and the natural forces that can affect them.

In this time of climate change we have been witness to many natural disasters which have caused the destruction of man-made structures. Tornadoes, tsunamis, floods, avalanches and earthquakes have created external forces which have produced stresses on the materials that we use to build buildings, bridges and roads. All structures around us are built to bear live loads but sometimes they succumb to these powerful external forces of Mother Nature and disaster ensues.

The external forces such as wind, water and the vibration of the earth when an earthquake happens create internal forces within a structure. Internal forces such as shear, tension and compression can destroy the inner framework of a building or a bridge even though it is made of super strong steel and concrete.

Natural external forces acting on structures is part of the grade five curriculum, we have many books in our system, as well as links to databases that can help with a research on this topic.

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