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Medieval Times

Man in chainmail with sword and shield


Knights, castles, cathedrals . . . all part of medieval times! Learn about the major events of European society and compare medieval life to present day.

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A Year in a Castle      Food and Feasts in the Middle AgesMedieval Weapons and WarfareMedieval World

Medieval Times
Learn about the everyday life of the medieval world, including clothing, class, feasts, weapons, tournaments, medicine, and crime.

Learn about knights, medieval castles, chivalry, heraldry, jousting, and battles.

Learn about the everyday life inside a castle.

Canadian Encyclopedia
Canadian Encyclopedia

Your best source of info on Canadian topics. Use the search box to find in-depth articles from the Canadian Encyclopedia, Maclean's Magazine, Canadian Encyclopedia of Music, and TV and radio spots such as Historica Minutes.

World History for Kids
World History for Kids

Look here for information on history and historical biographies. Great for grades 4-8.

Early Civilizations for Kids
Early Civilizations for Kids

Look here for information on ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, China and India as well as other early civilizations. Includes the Incas and the Mayas. Includes biographies on famous people. Good for grades 4-8.

World Book
World Book

The full print encyclopedia plus additional articles, videos, sound clips and links to websites.

Medieval and Renaissance Instruments
Learn about different musical instruments.

Kids Castle
Explore a castle.

Middle Ages
Learn about different aspects of the Middle Ages

Medieval Resources
Explore aspects of life in Medieval times.

Medieval Siege
Learn about warfare in Medieval times.

Stained Glass
Learn about glass making and how the production of stained glass has evolved over time.