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New France and British North America

Vintage map of "Dominion of Canada" and US


Learn about the development of Canada from the 17th to the early 19th century, including early settlements and their impact on the First Nations peoples.

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Life in New FranceAmerican RevolutionWar of 2812: Heroes of a Great Canadian VictoryEncyclopedia of Native Tribes of North America

New France
Learn about the early explorers of 'New France' Canada.

American Revolution
Discover information about the American Revolution (1763-1783).

War of 1812
Discover information about the causes, battles, conflicts, and people in the War of 1812.

Canada's First Nations People
Explore Canada's rich cultural landscape and learn about the First Nations people living in Canada before and during European exploration.

Canadian Encyclopedia
Canadian Encyclopedia

Your best source of info on Canadian topics. Use the search box to find in-depth articles from the Canadian Encyclopedia, Maclean's Magazine, Canadian Encyclopedia of Music, and TV and radio spots such as Historica Minutes.

Early Explorers for Kids
Early Explorers for Kids

Look here for information on early explorers and exploration. Good for grades 4-8.

Early Civilizations for Kids
Early Civilizations for Kids

Look here for information on ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, China and India as well as other early civilizations. Includes the Incas and the Mayas. Includes biographies on famous people. Good for grades 4-8.

World History for Kids
World History for Kids

Look here for information on history and historical biographies. Great for grades 4-8.

World Book
World Book

The full print encyclopedia plus additional articles, videos, sound clips and links to websites.

Virtual Museum of New France
Everything you ever needed to know about New France in one website.

Kids Site of Canadian Settlement
Explore different settlements in Canada.

Learning Centre
The Library and Archives of Canada have put together resources to help students.