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Patterns and Shapes

Shapes on wooden background


Patterns and shapes… they go together like ice cream and hot fudge.  You could have one without the other, but they are much better if enjoyed together.  Everything has a shape, and anything can be a pattern. Just look around, I’m sure that you can find something that has a shape like a drinking glass is a cylinder, or maybe there’s a pattern on your clothes.

An artist uses shapes and patterns in their paintings. What shape are you going to draw? What pattern of colours, print, or textures are you using?  Do you want to be an architect when you grow up? What shape would you make the buildings windows and doors? What type of pattern will you put on the floors and walls?

In a song, poem or nursery rhyme, the way the words are arranged or the music, can have a pattern. There are many different types of patterns, they can be colours, shapes, numbers, letters, pictures, or any group of objects.

The basic shapes we all know are the 2D shapes, circle, square, and rectangle. Did you know there are also 3D shapes made up of many of those 2D shapes; like a Cube, a triangular pyramid, a rectangular prism, and my all-time favourite is a dodecahedron.

Come to the Discovery Center at the Old Post Office to play with patterns and shapes on our "light-bright" and LEGO walls.

There are so many choices when you think about shapes and patterns. No one way is the right way, every choice makes your project a unique one, so be creative and imagine something spectacular!

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