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Favourite Picture Books


Brown, Margaret Wise
Goodnight moon

Stinson, Kathy.
Red is best

Boynton, Sandra.
Hippos go berserk!

Brown, Margaret Wise
The runaway bunny

Boynton, Sandra.
The going to bed book

Munsch, Robert N.
Love you forever

Matheson, Christie
Tap the magic tree

Brown, Margaret Wise
Big red barn

Brown, Margaret Wise
On Christmas Eve

Thompson, Lauren.
The Christmas magic

Base, Graeme.
The water hole

Tegen, Katherine Brown.
The story of the Easter Bunny

Donovan, Jane Monroe.
Winter's gift

Long, Loren.

Shaw, Charles Green
It looked like spilt milk

Clement, Nathan

Prince, April Jones.
What do wheels do all day?

Hutchins, Pat
Rosie's walk

Bogart, Jo Ellen.
The night the stars flew

Carle, Eric.
Dream snow

Cousins, Lucy.
Sweet dreams, Maisy

Cousins, Lucy.
Hooray for fish!

Numeroff, Laura Joffe.
If you give a mouse a cookie

Numeroff, Laura Joffe.
If you give a moose a muffin

Numeroff, Laura Joffe.
If you give a pig a pancake

Numeroff, Laura Joffe.
If you take a mouse to the movies

Lionni, Leo

Rylant, Cynthia.

Brett, Jan
The mitten

Klassen, Jon.
I want my hat back

Tullet, Hervé.
Press here

Crews, Donald.
Freight train

Cronin, Doreen.
Click, clack, moo

Stein, David Ezra.
Interrupting chicken

Burton, Virginia Lee
The little house

LeSieg, Theo.
In a people house

Gág, Wanda
Millions of cats

Slobodkina, Esphyr
Caps for sale

McCloskey, Robert
Make way for ducklings

Brown, Margaret Wise
The important book