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Access World News

Read articles and explore current issues from over 6,800 world news sources, dating back to 1978. Includes 147 local and Ontario newspapers such as the Waterloo Region Record (1990 - current), Cambridge Times (2013 – current), Toronto Star (1985 – current), Hamilton Spectator (1991 – current), and Guelph Mercury (1999 – current).

Cambridge Times

Full text article access to the Cambridge Times newspaper from 2013 – current.

Canadian Reference Centre

Full-text collection of Canadian magazines and newspapers including an Image Collection with photos, maps and flags.  Titles include Consumer Reports, Canadian Living, Maclean's, The Record and many more.


Enjoy unlimited access to over 5000 newspaper and magazine titles, from more than 120 countries, in over 60 languages. Publications are offered in full-colour, full-page format, just like reading the print version. The Globe & Mail is only available for download onsite at the library. Find out how to get started [PDF]. Use in Library | Use Outside Library

Record Newspaper

Full text article access to the Waterloo Region Record newspaper from 1990 – current.